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Khmer Production Name: Khmer Original
CD Vol: 2
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មួយលាននឹក មួយលានសុំទោស - Rada
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1 - 1 Lean Nirk 1 Lean Somtos by Rada.mp3 | Download
មួយលាននឹក មួយលានសុំទោស - Rada
2 - Ach Tver Mnus Jong Kroy Ban Te by Boy Bachelor.mp3 | Download
3 - Chhub Song Saiy Tah Bong Chea Prean Neary Tov by Ma Nath.mp3 | Download
4 - Jong Ouy Krup Yang Douch Derm by Sky.mp3 | Download
ចង់អោយគ្រប់យ៉ាងដូចដើម by Sky
5 - Ke Kbaer Oun Ke Thaer Oun by Nak Record.mp3 | Download
គេក្បែរអូន គេថែអូន
6 - Kyom Khuch Jet Mnak Eng Kmean Nak Deng by Nico.mp3 | Download
ខ្ញុំខូចចិត្តម្នាក់ឯងគ្មានអ្នកដឹង by Nico
7 - Mnus Tlub Baek Knea Srolanh Knea Mdong Teat Ban Te by Iv Phirom.mp3 | Download
មនុស្សធ្លាប់បែកគ្នា ស្រឡាញ់គ្នាម្តងទៀតបានទេ
8 - Srolanh Knea Ouy Yu ban Te by Yok Chunteng.mp3 | Download
9 - Srolanh Kyom Lak Ke Tver Avey by Nico.mp3 | Download
ស្រឡាញ់ខ្ញុំលាក់គេធ្វើអ្វី?​ by Nico
10 - Tirk Pneik Bong by Nil Vatanak ft Sa Khom.mp3 | Download

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Khmer Original CD Vol 2

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